Thursday, 24 November 2011

xmas jobs vacancies 2011 best time to find work news 2012 job market looking chilly though

xmas jobs vacancies 2011 best time to find work, this still is the best time of year to find work, even in the current economic downturn, there are still a lot of xmas jobs created and out there at this time of year.

it is especially a good time of year for students to find work or people just looking for extra part time work, there are lots of christmas jobs, and so employment is at its highest in december each year.

the problem is come january 2012 a lot of these xmas jobs will disappear and so for the most part they are not permanent, though some of them do indeed become permanent in the new year, so this is something else you can ask or look for is xmas jobs with the potential of becoming permanent in 2012 new year.

lots of places are recruiting from manufacturing, retail, and really anything you can think of is more busy at christmas time and looking for extra staff.

check job websites like jobcentre plus website,,,,,


some ideas of places to contact or look for for xmas jobs 2011 in pictures below what about trying big supermarkets for xmas jobs at christmas 2011 like morrisons


big supermarket chains like asda are taking on christmas staff


some examples of places to check on the highstreet and job vacancy websites for xmas 2011 jobs include tesco, sainsbury's, comet, argos, boots, topshop, dixons, curry's, halfords, homebase, iceland, jjb sports, marks and spencer, waterstones, topman, pc world.


so there seems to be plenty of xmas jobs for christmas 2011 out there, just a matter of having a look around, use the internet for job searching and also look around on the highstreet, if you have a cv hand those in as well at the various places that are recruiting for christmas jobs 2011.





though there is a boom in jobs at christmas come january 2012 and the new year it can be a frosty just like the weather jobs market, at the moment with the euro zone crisis and various european issues and high unemployment it is looking like 2012 will not be the best year for jobs


the debt issues in europe are effecting the uk economy a bit, it looks like the uk will need to reinvent itself a bit in 2012 to try and improve its jobs market a bit like has been done in the past, the uk is far from sunk, but with europe needing "bailouts" to stop it sinking, the uk might need to jump ship, but for xmas 2011 christmas is still as usual with plenty of extra jobs, shudder with the cold to think what 2012 jobs market and unemployment will be like due to all the eurozone crisis, maybe the uk will be okay, some say 2012 is the end of the world anyway so why worry and enjoy christmas 2011 for what it is, happy xmas 2011


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