Friday, 5 August 2011

Nicki Minaj NO pictures video here wardrobe malfunction america tv good morning america accident just the question STAGED?

Nicki Minaj NO pictures video here of the wardrobe malfunction on american tv good morning america live accident just the question was it STAGED?.

there is going to be no pictures posted here of Nicki Minaj slip up on good morning america tv today, just the question why do these so called "accidents" keep happening on live american tv?.

does anyone else think these janet jackson type events are staged?, i think these exposure events that seem to happen a lot on american tv are made to happen on purpose by these celebs and pop stars, especially when wearing all the wrong kind of clothes.

the time janet jackson had her superbowl accident with justin timberlake at the superbowl a few years ago, i think was obviously planned to happen.

the way to stop these things from happening would be not to allow these so called pop stars to perform live on tv especially before say 9pm time then these "controversial" events would not be able to happen like with Nicki Minaj on todays good morning america tv show.

these are not the kind of things you want to watch on breakfast tv while eating your cornflakes, and i think they have been orchestrated on purpose.

rappers or pop stars like Nicki Minaj are really not good role models at the end of the day.

Nicki Minaj is the malfunction


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