Monday, 19 December 2011

is ron paul a 2012 american president possibility?


it seems that more and more news stories come out that ron paul is in with a chance of becoming the 2012 american president.

i remember 4 years ago there was a similar buzz around ron paul and him becoming the 2008 president by a lot of people, but of course that is all history and barack obama came out of nowhere and took the limelight away from all the other hopefuls.

this time around there is definitely a bigger buzz and following around ron paul then there was 4 years ago, but will ron paul just fizzle out in 2012, just like happened 4 years ago?.

this is what i think could happen anyway, as 4 years ago a lot of people were saying ron paul had a chance at becoming the 2008 american president, but in reality he had no chance, or enough money behind him, which seems to be the most important deciding factor on who becomes a united states president, barack obama had the money behind him 4 years ago and this is what really helped him get elected as president.

a picture of young ron paul below


the same again for 2012 i think it is which presidential candidate has the most money behind them, that will decide who becomes the 2012 president of the usa.

and i just do not see ron paul having enough financial backing in 2012 to be able to get a decent chance of becoming president of america in 2012.

of course it is still very early in the presidential race to be able to tell what is going to happen, and when guessing the outcome, hunches are all you have, a better picture should start emerging by the start of 2012.

in ron paul's favour his support base is definitely growing and his policies do ring true with a lot of american voters.


but, will the 2012 presidential elections be decided by money and seal ron paul's fait in the 2012 elections?.





  1. Looking forward to vote Ron Paul in 2012!

  2. So, for what its worth...please consider this guy. Ron Paul may not win the republican nomination and its a shame. He offers the best chance for a conservative president. Let's give someone a chance who isn't buying into our now corrupt, two party political system. The republicans are standing in the way of positive change in this country by not giving Ron Paul a shot at winning over the country in a presidential election. Any other candidate will only facilitate the same system that has gotten us to where we are today (in a big hole), and furthermore, will perpetuate the widespread apathy in my generation (I'm 23) regarding the lose-lose situation that happens every 4 years. Money buys this country every year, and that's why its been the same two parties making the same luke-warm decisions in order to maintain the status quo.

  3. Ron Paul has a chance, but i think supporters also need to have a bit of Pessimism as well.

  4. It's always good to play to win but definitely good to not assume you're going to win. Ron Paul has a big base that is ready at a moments notice to financially support Ron. In December they donated something along the lines of $7 million to his campaign. That was all from small individual donors, not the corporate big wigs that donate to Mitt Romney who's biggest contiburtor was Goldman Sacs.


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