Wednesday, 11 May 2011

pippa middleton photo of party pictures royal scandal or just having fun kate and prince william news 2011

out of the royal wedding came pippa middleton kind of out of nowhere to be all over the news and in magazine photos and pictures, pippa middleton had done a lot of partying and this probably gave the celebrity magazines what they needed to get pippa middleton into the popular culture.

pippa middleton makes a good news story due to her association for being the sister to kate middleton and now sister in law to prince william after the royal wedding, and it seems the media likes to find a new royal scandal, even if there is not always one there to find, in this case the media has got lots of pictures of pippa middleton partying and getting drunk, and not wearing much clothes.

but these are probably the usual antics of most adolescents at university or college, so nothing really out of the ordinary with the pippa middleton pictures, but because of the royal connection it creates quite a popular news story.

pippa middleton prince harry and the queen picture at the royal wedding


pippa middleton and kate middleton photo


very nice yellow party dress here as worn by pippa middleton


another really nice dress again, this time a posh green dress pippa middleton is a style icon as well for a lot of women


this is a picture of pippa middleton with her boyfriend alex loudon


picture from at a disco party dressed in 1970's style party clothes looks like a lot of fun, pippa middleton


pippa middleton


pippa middleton


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