Tuesday, 29 November 2011

how do i delete a facebook page that i made, created 2011

how do i delete a facebook page that i made, created 2011, okay this is a update to my previous post about that i could not delete my facebook "group" turns out it was because mine is a facebook "page" and not a group.

to delete a facebook "group" the advice people are giving turns out to be accurate, which they basically say to go up to the top right of your facebook "group" and click see all, on the page that follows firstly delete all the people who joined your "group", then lastly delete yourself who is the admin, this deletes a facebook group correctly.

the problem i had was that advice did not work for deleting a facebook "page", now i know there is a difference between a facebook page to facebook group, i looked for advice on how to delete my facebook page which is a different process to the one for deleting a group.

to delete my facebook "page" i need to do this process this is how facebook describes the process below-

"To delete your Page or Place:

1, Click Edit Page in the upper-right corner of your Page
2, Select Manage Permissions from the left sidebar
3, Click Delete [Your Page Name]

You will have the option to unpublish or delete your Page. If you delete your Page, you'll have 14 days to change your mind. After that, your Page will be permanently deleted."

this is why i was perplexed in the previous blog post about trying to delete the facebook page because i was trying to use advice about deleting a facebook group and not page which is what i had created and wanted to delete.

so first when going through this process and before you go to delete something off facebook like a page or group, you need to first check what it actually is, as the process of deleting a facebook group is very different to the process of deleting a facebook page.

and it can be confusing because both look very similar to each other, and it confused me before a realised the difference when it comes to how you go about removing facebook groups and pages from your account.

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