Thursday, 24 November 2011

kind of funny christmas news stories 2011 not cold enough for shops on the high street?


kind of funny christmas news stories 2011 not cold enough?, this kind of funny in a strange way, in that retailers are struggling to sell winter items due to the weather in november not being cold enough.

its not funny that retailers are struggling as it will mean job losses, it was just the strange reason why they were struggling due to the weather being too warm in september and november 2011, which i thought was a good thing, until i read that it has caused problems for lots of retailers.

you see they had stocked up in september and novemeber 2011 with all kinds of cold weather clothing and switched over from the more summer items, yet the weather has not got that cold yet, and so not many people have felt the need to buy there winter warmers just yet.

you can see the predicament though, when the weather has been quite mild, i would not say it has been very warm all the time in november and september, but it has definitely been mild for this time of year.

i think retailers should not worry too much if december is really cold, but if december is mild as well, this will be have been a bad 3 months for the clothes retailers on the high street, and also online, because people do not have the need to buy big winter jackets or big thick winter jumpers when the weather is mild.

not to mention all the winter hats and gloves and scarves, but i was thinking it is good the weather being so mild, until i read that it had been so bad for retailers who wanted it to be really cold the last few months when they introduced there winter lines.

so so far christmas profits are really struggling for the big shops, with the weather being warm, everyone wants it warm, but the big shops what it cold as possible, strange situation really.

winter christmas pictures the retailers would like to see shoppers subjected to a bit of this kind of cold snowy icey christmas weather in 2011 and soon.



will december be more icy and cold to keep the shops happy, according to weather forcasts christmas will be really cold and bad weather, as a backlash from the mild september and novemeber, so prepare by buying your winter jackets and jumpers hats and scarves in advance like this dog wearing his winter jacket!


this is the kind of snowy weather that would get the retailers winter goods shifting off the shelves, but we like it warm though, though it will probably be a white christmas 2011, don't really want it to get this cold like in the picture below, but christmas is predicted to be a cold one, a lot of people might shop online to avoid the cold but then have the problem of the post getting delayed!




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