Wednesday, 9 November 2011

top christmas toys 2011 for boys and girls gift ideas xmas


top christmas toys 2011 for boys and girls gift ideas xmas for christmas presents.

there are a lot of favourites out there already doing the rounds for this years christmas toys most wanted list, here are a few examples of what children might be looking for this christmas 2011, any of these toys below could easily make it into a top 10 christmas toys list, but i have done about a top 8 on this list, there enough children's presents out this xmas 2011 to probably make a top 50 kids xmas gifts list this year, the good news is that there are lots of good quality well priced, even cheap and not too expensive choices for what to buy young children this christmas 2011 as presents.

Angry Birds dolls and plastic games, this has been one of the most popular kids games for a while and might be one of the more popular boys or girls christmas toys for christmas 2011.



Lalaloopsy Dolls is one for the girls, a tried and true toy format for young girls, the Lalaloopsy Dolls looks like a could be a popular christmas present for young girls, they are a take on the format of a rag doll that has been made out of scrap clothes, yet magically come to life, and could be one of the top popular kids toys this xmas 2011.


Perplexus Maze Game, as the name suggests a game with some dexterity and thinking needed, suitable for both boys and girls, and a toy that is also a learning device which is also always good, if you can incorporate learning into play, the child should be able to get more from there toys.


Qwirkle is another strategy and family orientated game that will be fun for children to play with and also offer some entertainment to adults as well, Qwirkle is like a bit of a retro game resembling board/puzzle games of the past and offers lots of hours and repeated use for a game, and a challenge between players or the whole family can play this game, a good game for both boys and girls at christmas 2011 time.


Nintendo 3DS now this is a bit more of a expensive childs toy then the previous christmas toys which were much cheaper presents for childrens christmas, but if you want to spend a bit more money and get your child a gaming machine then the Nintendo 3DS is probably a good choice of mini style computer for young children and will suit both boys or girls as a xmas 2011 gift.


Dance Star Mickey is another doll type childrens present for christmas 2011 that is looking really popular and young boys and girls will really like, not for your more older child, i think Dance Star Mickey is a toy suitable for young children boys and girls this xmas 2011.


Fisher Price iXL 6 in 1 is a educational present suitable for young children both boys and girls xmas gifts this 2011, if you want to get your child a present to help the learn then this is a really good choice, fisher price is known for creating good quality educational mini computer type toys for young children.


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