Monday, 19 December 2011

kim jong il successor new leader son kim jong un will take over in 2012 north koreas leadership


kim jong il successor is his son kim jong un, but with a look at north korea's future does anyone think it will now change, that kim jong il's son kim jong un has taken charge of the country or will take over leadership of north korea in 2012?.

the thing with north korea though is that the country operates behind a kind of iron curtain a bit like how the old soviet union operated, and how china used to operate though china seems to have opened up more in recent years.

north korea however is kept in a kind of time warp, with the people denied things like internet access as not to allow them another viewpoint of the world they live in.

not much is known about the heir apparent and next leader of north korea kim jong un, accept he was educated at a english language school in switzerland and that he likes a lot of western entertainment and sports.

kim jong il also had two other older sons, but they were not the fathers favoured choices for leadership of north korea, they are called kim jong nam and kim jong chol.

here are some parodies for the new leader of north korea based on his last name "UN" he is UNelected, UNknown, UNpredictable and a "young un", and will he be unfriendly to the west?.

his name is also funny, as in the middle of funny, just something that popped into my head then.

but his name also is similar to the UN or united nations as well, kim jong un.


this is the previous leader of north korea and kim jong un's father kim jong il


the new leader of north korea in 2012 kim jong un


some more kim jong un pictures


i can see kim jong un being in the news quite regular now


this is who will be the new leader of north korea in 2012 kim jong un


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