Sunday, 18 December 2011

facebook 2012 will still be the number 1 website? googles only competition?


i think so anyway, facebook will still be as big as ever in 2012, at the moment there are only 2 major players when it comes to web destinations and that is google and facebook.

google is still in front of facebook, but over the years facebook has closed the gap, in usage and popularity to google, this seems to be what triggered google to launch its only social network called google+ and heavily change the classic google platform that made it number 1 and kept it number one for the last 10 years.

whereas facebook is still the most favourite social network out there, and only second to google in web popularity, i do not see these statistics changing in 2012 for facebook and google.


the way facebook did so well, was it actually got so many users to login and register to it, whereas google had always been just a open page you used to web browse, facebooks power and brilliance was in getting so many people to actually take the time of registering and being to login day after day for years.

the famous facebook login 2012


google is now doing the same with google+ were people now register and login to google via google plus


i think one of the things both google and facebook are very interested in in 2012 is cornering the mobile phone market as much as possible, mobile phones are booming again due to the invent of the smart phone, like a iphone or a google android style smart phone.

this mini computer communication device in someones hand has created another boom for internet giants like facebook and google to chase in 2012, the mobile internet.


this is how more and more people are accessing the internet through mobile phones, like the google android mobile phone in 2012


and this is all made possible through ever advancing mobile phones, i like personal computer desktop, but more and more people seem to be going for littler devices and more mobile devices for there daily digital communications, this is also made possible on mobile phones in 2012 through various apps


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