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london riots in hackney breaking current news 8-8-2011 3rd night of trouble gangs rioting and looting london england

london riots in hackney breaking current news story 8-8-2011 3rd night of trouble gangs rioting and looting london england.

it is about 8:13pm time and rioting has been happening in london borough of hackney now for a few hours in a 3rd night of rioting, police are trying to get the rioters in hackney under control.

the night is still young but so far it looks like hackney is where most of the trouble is centred on this 3rd night of rioting in london.

London Riots, Day 3: rioting spreads to Hackney on the night of 8th august 2011

London looks to be in store for another night of rioting. We're bringing you pictures from Hackney which is in the north east of the city, where skirmishes have already broken out between police and youths- this time in daylight. Home Secretary Theresa May is meeting police chiefs about the violence sweeping London. The latest clashes follow trouble over the weekend as rioters and looters reacted to a fatal police shooting. 35 police officers were injured and over two hundred people arrested

this is what has happened on the 2nd 7-8-2011 night of rioting from wikipedia

7 August

[edit]Wood Green

There was further disorder in neighbouring Wood Green, two miles away, during the early hours of 7 August, when widespread looting broke out[24] in which around 100 youths targeted high-street game shops, electrical stores and clothing chains.[25]

Others ransacked local shops on Wood Green High Road.[26]
Again, the police did not intervene to stop the looting.[5]
The mostly Turkish and Kurdish shop owners along Wood Green, Turnpike Lane and Green Lanes, were said to have formed local 'protection units' around their shops.[26]
[edit]Enfield and Ponders End

On Sunday evening, 7 August, violent disturbances erupted in Enfield, to the north of Tottenham, among heavy presence of riot police.[27]
Enfield Town centre, Enfield Town Park and alleyways between there and the Palace Garden shopping centre were being guarded by police. A heavy police presence was seen outside Enfield Town railway station where people arriving were being searched for security reasons.[28]

Riot police had arrived in Enfield Town by the afternoon of 7 August as several small groups of hooded youngsters arrived in cars, buses and trains. Around 100 people were waiting in small groups in the vicinity of Enfield Town station in Southbury Road.[7]
Some disorder sparked from around 17:30; a police car in Church Street was pelted with bricks.[29] HMV's branch in Church Street was amongst the other shops that were reportedly attacked.[30] A police helicopter hovered over the area to monitor events.[7]

At around 19:00 police tackled a group of around thirty youths to push them back onto Southbury Road towards the junction with Great Cambridge Road. Police dogs were also deployed at the scene.[30] Similar action drove back approximately fifty people along Southbury Road via Queens Street, after a preceding clash with hooligans outside a nearby supermarket.[31]

At 21.30 both Metropolitan Police officers and reinforcements from Kent Police turned Enfield into a cordoned off "sterile area" and began to tackle the local disturbances.[1]

The scenes of Enfield were 'reminiscent of Tottenham, though smaller.'[27]


The windscreen of a police vehicle was smashed out as groups of youths caused a disturbance in Islington during the night of 7 August.[32]


6 fire engines tackled blaze at a Foot Locker shoe shop in Brixton.[32][33]

[edit]8 August

By 07:59 the Metropolitan Police Commander Christine Jones said: "This is a challenging situation with small pockets of violence, looting and disorder breaking out on a number of boroughs."[34]


The historic Victorian building that once houses the Carpetright shop was near to collapse due to the heavy fire damage caused on August 6. Police had cordon off the area so workmen and fire crews could enter in safety.[35]

[edit]Enfield and Ponders End

On the morning of 8 August, several shops in Enfield Town and in the nearby A10 retail park were vandalised and looted, and there were reports of two vehicles set on fire.[1]

A large crowd of youths moved westwards, toward nearby Ponders End and wrecked a local Tesco.[36] Hundreds of riot police and canine units arrived with vans and charging at groups of teenagers until disappeared into local side streets, smashing cars and shop windows on the way.[36][32]


By 08.41 on 8 August, riot police and youths clashed near a local Currys store that was broken into during disturbances in Brixton.[1] Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, a local resident described "hundreds" of men and women entering the electrical store and emerging with TVs and other electrical goods.[37]

Upon police arriving the looters attacked, throwing rocks and the contents of bins at officers.[37] A branch of Halfords was targeted and looted by youths.[37]

One Brixton resident said: “People were coming to Brixton from outside the area. I was getting out of Brixton Tube last night about 10.30 pm and going up the escalator when about 10 teenagers ran up the escalator and pushed me to one side.”[38] By 11:57, both Tesco and Foot Locker were targeted by looters. Lambeth Council’s leader, Councillor Steve Reed said the mobs in Streatham "They were looters not rioters"[39]

[edit]Walthamstow Central

Over 30 youths wrecked and looted shops, including a branch of BHS, in Walthamstow Central on the morning of 8 August.[1]

[edit]Chingford Mount

3 police officers in were taken to hospital after being hit by a fast-moving vehicle in the Chingford Mount, Waltham Forest, at 00.45 on 8 August. The officers had started making arrests after a shop was in the process of being looted by youths.[32]

[edit]Oxford Circus

On 8 August, the morning's violence spread to Oxford Circus, central London, as about 50 youths gathered, and damaged some local property.[1][40]


In Streatham, the T Mobile, JD Sports and other shops were ransacked By 09:59. Councillor Mark Bennett said the owner of one store in Streatham High Road was hospitalised after a mob attacked the shop.[38]


Looting was reported at at Dalson Kingsland shopping centre including JD Sports and Foot Locker.[41]


Looting was reported at at Dalson Kingsland shopping centre including JD Sports and Foot Locker.[42]

[edit]Denmark Hill

A gangland fight broke out at King's College Hospital at about 8.30 pm, where two victims of a minor stabbing had been admitted earlier. [43]


Looters broke into an antiques store, in King's Road. [44]

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