Monday, 1 August 2011

big brother 2011 auditions applications channel 5 start date uk tv Brian Dowling and Emma Willis charlie sheen?

big brother 2011 auditions applications channel 5 start date uk tv and celebrity charlie sheen?

looks like the big brother hype is starting up again and i thought big brother had finished forever and was no more on uk tv, when channel 4 finished big brother on its last show.

but no, channel 5 are going to relaunch big brother i think it will be the 11th series of big brother.

the start date for this years big brother 2011 is going to be around the middle of this month august 2011.

and is going to be in the same format as the original big brother series that used to be on channel 4, but gone is davina mccall as a presenter and in comes two new big brother presents who will be Brian Dowling and Emma Willis.

the audition and application form stages for big brother 2011 are now over from what i can tell, and so it is too late to apply for the big brother 2011 on channel 5, and the new house mates will have mostly been selected for the new series or new version of big brother 2011 on channel 5.

channel 5 big brother 2011 are also going to run the celebrity big brother concept as well, and it has been rumoured (as happens in advance) on various different stars being picked for celebrity big brother 2011, among the famous names rumoured so far is charlie sheen.

the show will probably be a big success due to having a relaunch and make over for channel 5 and so is essentially new all over again.

but as far as big brother 2011 news goes, the main thing is to look for it to start on channel 5 in about 2 or 3 weeks time, in august 2011.

Brian Dowling and Emma Willis big brother 2011 channel 5 tv picture


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