Thursday, 25 June 2009

micheal jackson is dead at 50

well i think this is the last post from me tonight, as i cant stay up all night reporting on this story, i am not a professional news reporter after all, if you cant tell, but probably from my reporting you can tell.

i am just a blogger who needs some sleep, now if i was a real news reporter as such, i wouldnt be aloud to go to sleep now, they would be like this is a big story now report it!.

but seen as its my blog i can decide if i want to go to sleep.

i think ive done well there though, reported the main parts of this story.

might not be brilliantly done, and my grammer might not be perfect, but the reporting is reporting at the end of the day.

so yes main story on tv and in the newspapers i think will be the death of micheal jackson at 50 years old.

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