Thursday, 25 June 2009

king of pop dies micheal jackson

so there are many tributes being sent to the king of pop micheal jackson from his many fans.

his fans have said they are shocked by his death and it wasnt really known about, has come as a surprise for his legions of fans.

i was just turning my computer off when i saw this story, so i thought id write a few reports on it, before i go to bed, would of gone to bed by now otherwise, well was just going to bed when i saw this story on the news.

so here i am ill do a few blogs seen as the story is quite new, hot off the presses as they say in the news world.

wonder if i am beating any of the big news agencies?, as it is very late in the night now, and wont most of them be asleep?.

i know they get up early and all, but not at 3am though?.

anyway i should be going to sleep not google blogging!.

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