Thursday, 25 June 2009

micheal jackson dies in hospital

jackson dies in hospital at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

micheal jackson dead at 50, the death has left many celebrities friends and fans shocked.

well i can see this being a big story for a few weeks now!.

so anyway, ill just do some reporting on it now, and get back onto my wimbledon storys etc tomorrow, i might do some more on this story over next week, but i arnt sure yet.

dont want this to turn into a death announcing blog, though it is a news story and htis is my news blog, and it is a breaking news story and this blog is also for breaking news so, its breaking news so i have had to do some articles on this death of pop star micheal jackson.

most bloggers will be asleep at moment like i should be, so i am definitly breaking better news then them at the moment, well i think so, though, they might not all be asleep, of course, maybe other bloggers dont sleep?.

so back to this story the death of micheal jackson.

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