Wednesday, 26 October 2011

queens christmas day speech 2011 in 3d? sky news december 25th 12 2011 what's on tv christmas day?


queens christmas day speech 2011 in 3d? december 25th 12 2011.

just reading and it looks like with sky news producing the queens speech this year instead of itv or bbc news, that they might produce the queens speech in 3d.

this 3d aspect to the queens tv speech might not happen though if the queen does not agree to the 3d aspect of the queens christmas day speech broadcast.

though i do not think sky producing the queens speech this year, that they will make dramatic changes to the format, that has been pretty much the same since 1932 on radio and then later via tv broadcast, and this video of one of the first televised queen's speeches.

Queen Elizabeth II Christmas Day Television Broadcast - 1957

"In 1957, the 25th anniversary of the first Christmas Broadcast, delivered by her grandfather, King George V in 1932, the Christmas Broadcast was televised. The Queen spoke from a desk in the long library at Sandringham, on which there were pictures of Prince Charles and Princess Anne. Christmas cards were displayed in the background.

Sylvia Peters, the BBC Television Service in-vision announcer was responsible for teaching the Queen the broadcasting skills necessary for Her Majesty's Royal Christmas Message broadcasts.

This film footage is from the Archive Collection held and administered by the Alexandra Palace Television Society."


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