Tuesday, 3 January 2012

david beckham stays la galaxy olympics 2012 football captain for the great britain team in london 2012?.



david beckham is going to stay at la galaxy usa soccer club (as they call football in the america) but, will we see david captain england in the london 2012 olympics?.

now that would be something and i think that is the most important thing on david beckhams mind playing for england again, this time in the olympics! now that would be something.

david beckham always brings something special to uk football when playing for the national side, i am not sure how the olympics football will work in 2012, because england do not usually enter the olympics when it comes to football, which i always thought was strange, why not enter the olympics?.

but it looks like a strong possibility we will see david beckham playing back in europe again this year, more specially england at the 2012 olympics, which i think would be the highlight for most english people watching england in the olympic games in 2012.

he will miss part of the major league soccer season with la galaxy to play in the olympics between july and august when the olympic games start part way through july and into august for a total of 18 days, but this will have been put into david's new la galaxy soccer contract so he can be free to play for england in the olympics in 2012.

will david beckham play in olympics london 2012?


one of the reason's being given for david beckham staying at la galaxy instead of moving back to a big club in europe or the big premership clubs in the uk is "family reasons".

david beckham with family in california, but back in 2012 at olympics football?.


i think it might partially be that victoria beckham does not want to move away from los angeles california as it is quite a exclusive place to live, and they have now settled there in there home.

david beckham and victoria beckham are one of the most famous celebrity couples in the world, and playing in the olympic games in 2012 will make victoria and david beckham world famous again.



david beckham of course is also famous for his fashion styles and hair styles around the world, and being a fashion trend setter.



david beckham and fashion trends aside, what english football fans are more interested in 2012 would be seeing david beckham back in a england shirt captaining britain's side in the olympic games in london 2012 and go for a gold.

playing in the great britain olympic football team in 2012 will probably be david beckhams last major tournament in football at 36 years of age, but it will be a really good tournament for the 36 year old to wind down his playing career on, still the reason david would be wanted for the great britain olympic team is he is regarding as a top athlete and football player in the world even in 2012.



the olympic football teams are made up of under 23 players, with the inclusion of only 3 over 23 players, this is where beckham at 36 can come in and qualifies to play for england in the olympic games football team.

here are the football grounds the olympic games football tournament will take place in in 2012.

City of Coventry Stadium (Coventry)
Hampden Park (Glasgow)
Millennium Stadium (Cardiff)
Old Trafford (Manchester)
St James' Park (Newcastle)
Wembley Stadium

the dates the olympic football 2012 will run from is the wednesday 25th july until saturday 11th of august 2011, this is 18 days and pretty much football will be played on every day the olympic games 2012 run.

the dates and venues for england's men's team in there london 2012 campaign have been confirmed as-

old trafford on thursday 26th july 2012
wembley stadium on sunday 29th july 2012
millenium stadium on wednesday 1st of august 2012

those are the dates and venues for england's group games at the olympics in 2012 if you want to get tickets to watch england in the london 2012 olympic games.

so get those tickets to watch the london olympics in 2012 and might be seeing beckham play again!


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