Friday, 15 July 2011

its you Chris and Colin Weir's are euromillions lottery jackpot winners who won £161 million pounds lot of money to win

its you Chris and Colin Weir are the people who won the euromillions jackpot all £161 million pounds lot of money to win for just one person or a couple, must be a amazing feeling to win so much money, even a million must be a unreal win on the lottery.

i am surprised they have gone public with there win of the recent highest amount allowed or reached on the euromillions lottery, it is a staggering amount of money really, they have become wealthy beyond belief.

but what are they going to do with such a massive windfall, one would think?.

the total amount chris weir and colin weir have won on the euromillions lottery jackpot is £161,653,000.

Chris weir and Colin Weir are from falkirk in scotland, i was thinking can this kind of win going to a country be seen as a boost to the economy of the uk? with scotland being in the united kingdom?.

anyway i am sure they will be living the high life from now on, they should enjoy themselves, and they do look really happy in the pictures.

chris and colin weir are now being seen as the new celebrity couple, a bit like posh and becks or kate and wills, but they will need to take it all in there stride and just enjoy there new found riches.

this is a very good video about the winners chris and colin weir, they say they did not stay anonymous because it would of stopped them from enjoying the win, and dealing with friends and family.

this is a picture of euromillions jackpot winners chris and colin weir there euromillions lottery jackpot £161M


picture of chris and colin weir with there 161M euromillions jackpot cheque


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